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Credit Rise

Credit repair is the process by which a person or business improves the ability to borrow money and improve scores by correcting the wrong information on the credit report or reducing overall debt. 


Credit rise is the process of increasing the amount of available credit, adding more credit line, using credit correctly and using credit effectively. With Credit Rise you get them both!

Mortgage & Credit

(MAC) Ready

We will review, repair and prepare credit, income and assets to ensure you are mortgage and credit ready covering: 

  • CREDIT - ensure your credit profile is acceptable including Lexis Nexis

  • STUDENT LOANS - ensure you are in the correct repayment plan to maximize your buying potential

  • DOWN PAYMENT ASSIST. - find and ensure you meet the requirements if needed

  • ASSETS - ensure you have adequate savings & reserves for your purchase

  • CONVENTIONAL vs FHA - determine the best fit

  • BEST LENDER OPTIONS - which lender has the best product for you

Tax Refund Strategy Session

When wanting to improve their financial situation, people will use their tax refund to do tasks which have no positive impact.  We will review your credit and financial goals and build a custom strategy for your tax refund which will correct issues/errors, identify habits to be refined and create the foundation to reach your financial goals.  We work to maximize your refund for optimal outcomes. 


Financial Coaching

Money arguments are the second leading cause of divorce, behind infidelity. 


Most couples with go through pre-marital counseling or marriage counseling but it usually doesn’t include a deep dive into finances and financial goal setting and strategy. 


We provide a safe space to have the money conversations with a potential or current spouse. We work to reach understanding, common goals and build a strategy to ensure those goals are reached. 

Financial Strategy

We work to discover your money mindset, survival strategies and financial goals in order to build a custom strategy to ensure you heal financially and meet your goals.  

We work to create, maintain and master a personal financial relationship so you can realize the life you deserve while building your financial dream team.

Small Business Coaching & Non-Traditional Funding

You Will Benefit if:

  • You have a business you want to start

  • You have been in business less than 18 months

  • You have been in business more than 18 months and you want to grow your business or introduce a new segment

  • You want to gain more knowledge and ensure your business and financial foundations are solid

We also offer non-traditional business funding. 

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