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Single Black Mothers Collective

Breaking Barriers, Building Bonds and Bossin' Up!

Providing appreciation, empowerment, a safe and judge free space, knowledge, coaching and a sistahood like no other! 

  • Build a Solid Financial Foundation. 

  • Repair/Improve Your Credit. 

  • Start/Expand Your Business

  • Heal Your Financial Co-Parenting Relationship.

  • Create the Financial Relationship You Deserve.

  • Build/Grow Your Business

  • Practice Better Self-Care

  • Build Legacies & Generational Wealth

  • Own Your Amazing!

Did You Know?

  1. Single Black Mothers are at the bottom of the wealth ladder

  2. Black households have the highest share of women-headed households at 60%.

  3. There are 4.5 million Single Black Mothers

Did You Also Know?

  1. Black women are the fastest growing demographic of entrepreneurs.

  2. Black women are more likely to start a business than white women. 

  3. Black women are the first teachers of our children so we impact generations to come. 

  • MOST Single Black Mothers are doing so much more than working a JOB.

  • Single Black Mothers have a side business, work a 2nd job, have their children most days out of the week, may be taking college classes, cook, clean, review homework nightly and much more. 

  • MOST Single Black Mothers are in SURVIVAL MODE and doing it all alone. 

The problem with ‘doing it all alone” (Survival Mode or Independent Woman Mode) is you can’t. Not effectively.  You suffer from burn out, depression, stress, illness and more. 


It’s a form of self-sabotage and it’s negatively impacting every area of your life and the life of your children, their children, and their children’s children. 


An empowered sisterhood is awaiting you!


  • Black Woman GET Black Women!

  • Black Women NEED Black Women!

  • Black Women EMPOWER Black Women!



TOGETHER, Black Women can accomplish ANYTHING!

Give Yourself Some Grace

Connect with some Amazing Single Black Women and receive:

  • Financial Coaching and Strategy (personal and business)

  • Masterclasses (Credit, Business, Marketing, Funding)

  • A Private Portal

  • Access to vetted Business Service and Providers

  • Local Events

  • Sista Chats and Meet Ups

  • Directory Access

  • Business Coaching

  • Access to Capital

  • Business Opportunities

  • Collaboration Opportunities

  • Networking

  • A Sisterhood like no other


UNLIMITED ACCESS to video replays, our library of templates, checklists and sample contracts designed to save you time and give you peace of mind. 

VALUE: $1,500

VIRTUAL MASTER CLASSES from experts providing tips & practices to help you in all areas of your life and unlimited access to all the replays.

VALUE: $1,500

BUSINESS & AFFILIATE OPPORTUNITIES - you can start to earn additional revenue immediately and the training to ensure success. 

VALUE: $900

SISTA CHATS & MEET UPS - Every Black woman needs a WE.  The WE is your tribe, your sista's who come together for support, encouragement and healing. 

VALUE: $150/month

DIRECTORY ACCESS to members and vetted professionals to service your needs.

VALUE: $750

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