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Credit Rise - Tax Flex Pack

Credit Rise - Tax Flex Pack

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Credit Rise-Tax Refund Flex Pack

Let's Go!! Crystal L. Gunn

Credit Repair/Rise -
Tax Refund Flex Pack

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Congratulations!  You made it here from the Tax Refund Flex Pack.

Here’s the Play. Spend $600 for 6 months for the following (this is a $1200 value package):

  • credit repair -  clean up credit - removing negative reporting

  • credit rise -  improve your score  and gain more credit accounts

  • the proper use of credit - learn how to use credit properly and get the personal strategy for your situation

  • 2 free strategy group sessions to build your strategy and receive personal coaching tips

I never want someone to pay for a service that isn't right for them. If there is a better option for your situation, that is where I want you to be. 

Watch the video below and complete the form on the right to see if Credit Rise is right for you!  Once you complete the form, you will also receive a message back with new steps. 

Congratulations again and let's boss up your credit!

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