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Crystal L. Gunn is a Graduate of Michigan State University. She started her business career in the accounting department of SOC Credit Union. Within a year, she was hired as Accounting Manager at Municipal and Health Services Credit Union and within two years was promoted to Vice President, the youngest and only African American, in the Oakland County Chapter of Credit Unions at that time. 

While serving as VP, Crystal learned the importance of having all staff members share a common goal to aid in the overall success of the business. She mentored and coached the staff to perform to their greatest potential resulting in a cohesive unit and business growth. Crystal left the Credit Union to embark on a new career becoming a mortgage broker, where she utilized her knowledge in operations to lead her staff with recruitment, coaching and training. Within six years, she built the company to include 4 additional branch offices while ensuring productivity and compliance, always keeping the needs of the client the top priority of the company.

Crystal’s belief that everyone controls their own destiny led her to expand her business endeavors with one sole purpose: to impact the lives of as many people as possible. As a financial strategist, small business consultant, author, coach and activist, she is dedicated to using her gifts assisting others in reaching their true levels of greatness and making life amazing.

Accepting her assignment in life, Crystal has designed specific programs to contribute to her mission. Through experiencing, witnessing and understanding the role women play in society, Crystal founded The Amazing Woman Network, which is designed to empower Black women to achieve their highest level of greatness by providing support, resources and a network of women, united together, to change their lives, the lives of one another, their communities and ultimately the world.  AWN’s pillars are: reclaiming personal power (mind, body and spirit), reclaiming financial power, increasing social involvement and supporting each woman in owning, honoring and executing her amazing. 

The Amazing Woman Network’s retail and beauty line was designed by Crystal to uplift and serve as a reminder to the wearer, just how amazing she truly is. Crystal’s financial workbook and signature course, “Becoming Financially FLAWLESS”, teaches financial strategies, and helps women change their "money mindset" leading to greater confidence and knowledge. Participants have expressed that the program is an eye-opening, transformative experience. 

As a Financial Strategist, Crystal strives to help clients create a custom financial strategy, in order to improve their current situation, build and meet future goals, advance their money mindset and educate their children to break generational curses. 

In 2021, Crystal founded AWN Cares, a 501c3 non-profit organization, which strives to bring resources and programs to women and young girls to assist in advancing their collective conditions, ultimately advancing the collective condition of the community in which they live. The programs and activities are designed to uplift the communities served, while being the voice of the voiceless. 


As host of The Amazing Women Speak Podcast, Crystal pushes to change the narrative through compelling conversations designed to uplift, empower and unite Black women as we continue to break barriers and create and cultivate our own standard of amazing.

As Chairwoman of The Booker T. Washington Trade Association, under the Detroit United Front (the Midwest chapter of The National Business League), Crystal is allowed to further empower Black Businesses across the globe via advocacy, resources and opportunity. Crystal’s people-first business approach is summated in a quote by baseball legend, Jackie Robinson: “A life is not important except on the impact it has on other lives.”

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